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The man and his music
Whether you believe it or not, I was born in a streetcar in The Hague (Holland) on February the 11th of 1948. After that things went too fast to describe! Have been a teacher of history and social sciences for 38 years, Already 70 and still a musical fanatic! Composing, arranging, recording, playing keyboards and singing! It doesn't matter what comes first or next, as long as I can do my thing, which happens to be music!
Just released my new cd 'Keep in touch' (and I can assure you: there is more to come!).

Suppose you are interested in downloading or buying the CD go to:

Suppose you want to book me just dial 0031(6)15018513 or send a mail to:

On this site you will find some of the projects in which I was and/or still am involved. 
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